5 Reasons why Pop art paintings are a must have! by Brent Louis Vuitton outlet Gibson

01-11-2013 15:39

5 Reasons why Pop art paintings are a must have! by Brent Gibson
1) Pop art paintings have become a major style statement now post by haiyan902. Yes, in the last few years, we have witnessed a resurrection of the expressionist art forms of the 60�s, pop art paintings in particular. If you have a pop art painting or a warhol style painting, it clearly reflects your choice in art.

2) It�s a status symbol Louis Vuitton. People collect art for different reasons but having a pop art painting of your favorite celebrity or politician is one way of adding a conversation piece to your d�cor.

3) They are bright, lively, contemporary, colorful and often represent popular culture symbols with their irony and mockery. A warhol style pop art painting can easily bring an otherwise dull looking room to life.

4) They make great personalized photo gifts Louis Vuitton outlet. There are several websites which allow you to customize just about any photograph into a cartoon style or warhol style painting. And these are made by real talented artists and not computer sketches. If you have been wrecking your brains trying to decide what to gift away this festive season, then here�s the answer. Get a custom cartoon style painting made. Nothing like personalized photo gifts.

5) They are available at great prices. Gone are the days when a pop art painting was a luxury that only the rich and the famous could afford. Today, all that you need to do is log on to the internet to order your custom cartoon style painting.

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