Best Cup Of Tea- Methods To Make The Ideal Cup Of Tea by Andy Guides Jr

29-09-2013 11:16

Best Cup Of Tea: Methods To Make The Ideal Cup Of Tea by Andy Guides Jr
There are all kinds of teas on the market right now, but not everyone knows how to brew them correctly. If you use the wrong technique you could end up brewing yourself a hot cup of YUCK instead of a delicious cup of YUMMMM Louis Vuitton outlet!

Black tea is the most frequently served in the United States. It is bold and rich, with half the caffeine of coffee. Flavored black-teas, like Earl Grey, can be served with lemon, while the plain kinds, like English or Irish Breakfast, are traditionally served with milk and sugar. The decaffeinated versions of these have improved in the past few years, and are usually quite tasty now.

Black-teas consist of dried and cured leaves, so it takes a good amount of effort to get the best flavor out. It should be steeped in boiling water for four to six minutes for the most flavor, or three to four for a slightly milder flavor. To tell if it is done brewing, watch for individual leaves to uncurl (if using loose leaf) or for the water to turn a uniform color without stirring (if using bags).

Green tea has become quite popular lately, probably due to the sheer abundance of flavors readily available post by haiyan902. From the smoky, over-the-top Gunpowder, to the delicately floral jasmines, green-teas are a wonderful option for those who want all the depth of flavor but even less caffeine than black.

Green-tea is easily ruined by brewing in water that is too hot. Water should not be more than 160 degrees Fahrenheit in order to preserve the vibrant green color and subtle flavor. Brew no more than three or four minutes, then use the leaves to brew up another pot!

White tea is an option that is relatively new to the market, but the flavors are even more delicate than green-tea, with even less caffeine. It should be steeped in water just below boiling, for four to six minutes.

Herbal teas come in all kinds of flavors. Not content to just be a tasty beverage, many claim to have health benefits. Chamomile is good for relieving stress, mint for calming the stomach, and lemon or orange for a quick caffeine-free pick-me-up Louis Vuitton Canada. You should always brew an herbal tea according to the directions that come with it, but in general these should be brewed longer and a lower temperature.

Tea is a delightful way to enjoy something truly good for you. It takes a little practice, but the best cup of tea is brewed when you slow down and take time to do it for yourself.<