Directions On How To Make Shag Rugs by Naomi West

04-11-2013 17:22

Directions On How To Make Shag Rugs by Naomi West
Different individuals will use shaggy rugs in their house as a way to lighten the space and to make it appear more vivid or to raise the theme that was produced. You can make your own shaggy rug.

Creating a cotton shag rug is not a simple process - but neither is it too tough. It is made up of weave and heavy cloth that makes it durable. The heavy cotton or rug yarn is what will be used to make the shaggy appearance Louis Vuitton handbags. The material you select should be knit or woven into narrow pieces of �� wide and 3� long.

You can find the rug yarn and the burlap back from most fabric store. Make a point to shop round for great deals and the perfect colors to use in your home. Small rugs only call for one yard of material. For bigger ones you must measure the space you need it to cover and sew together one large strip of yards together Louis Vuitton bags.

Wash the backing and iron it out so that it is smooth. When it is flat you can measure and cut it to the adequate size. Make sure that the hem is at least one inch longer in the width and the hem post by haiyan902. Fold the hem under �� twice and sew it round each of the edges. Start at one edge and hold the burlap down.

With your other hand, you want to be holding the hook at the top and put it down into the burlap. Each square of the cotton shag rug weave will be one stitch. Tightly hold onto the yarn strips below the burlap and take hold of one slip in the middle of the hook. Now draw the loop through. Take hold of the ends of the slip and pull it through the loop. Pull it tight till a knot is made.<,%20CA%20by%20Leo%20Nov.html