Dishing Up Dog Health

13-11-2013 16:35

Dishing Up Dog Health Understanding Dog HealthDoes your dog have lively eyes, full energy and lots ofvitality? Is your dog's coat shiny and bright? Thesevisible signs of a healthy dog are pretty easy to spot.And, as a dog owner, your role in getting your dog intothis healthy state and keeping your dog in thiscondition is important.The most basic way to keep your dog healthy is throughfood Louis Vuitton handbags. Every animal requires water and food to live.We realize from a human standpoint the importance of ahealthy diet and how food affects our energy. Theseconditions are important in a dog's diet too or elsethey encounter malnutrition. Our much-loved dogsrequire a diet full of vitamins, minerals and caninenutrients for a proper diet. Since the majority oftoday's top brand-name dog foods are complete withthese ingredients, this health requirement for our dogsis easy to fulfill. Steer away from cheaper brands asthey often contain too much cornmeal and littlenutrition.It is also now well known from human experience that itis possible for animals to overeat and become obese.This never happens in the wild - an animal that is soout of shape that it cannot fend for itself does notlast long - in fact we only ever see obesity in humansand in their pets Louis Vuitton. It may be something that kindhearted owners do to their pets, thinking the dog willbe happier if it eats plenty. But they should rememberthat overweight pets do not live as long as their leancounterparts, and (like humans) they are moresusceptible to heart disease, respiratory problems,arthritic pain and diabetes. What's more they are morelikely to die if they have to be put under anaestheticfor surgery (again, this applies to obese human beingstoo). Feeding your dog the right food, and at the rightamount, is the first key to keeping your dog healthy.As attentive owners there are several things we should beon the look out for that can be seen on a dog's fur, skinand stools. Fleas and tics can both cause dog illnessesso should be treated. Flea collars are not great attreating fleas, but there are any number of good powdersand spray that will do the job - the only thing is thatyou must follow the instructions exactly. If you havehad a flea problem it is vital that you thoroughly cleanall the areas where the dog hangs out - if you vacuumcarpets empty the bags outside straight afterwards, ifthe dog lounges on the bedding, wash it. This is sothat you dog is not immediately re-infected from thefleas or eggs in the carpets and fabrics around thehouse.Be careful to check your dog's fur after a walk in thecountry, since this is when they are most likely to havepicked up ticks. Finally check your dog's stools forevidence of worms post by haiyan902. Roundworms, hookworms, whipwormsand tapeworms all can infest a dog's intestinal tract,though not all are visible to the naked eye - this iswhy a regular worming schedule needs to be followed.These few steps create a much healthier and happier dog.Further steps like keeping veterinarian visits andkeeping your dog's vaccinations up to date also increaseyour dog's health factor. By following these caring andhealthy steps, you are creating a fit and content dogthat is sure to live a much longer and healthier life.<