Foreclosure Trash Louis Vuitton handbags Outs- When Lawns Turn Into Jungles by Frank Patrick

05-11-2013 16:39

Foreclosure Trash Outs: When Lawns Turn Into Jungles by Frank Patrick
Lack of Property Preservation Leaves Foreclosure Lawns a Growing Menace.

It�s estimated that almost 4 million homes will receive foreclosure notices in 2010 Louis Vuitton bags. And with the unemployment picture not brightening all that much, 2011 doesn�t look that much better. Research shows that one foreclosure occurs for every six to ten jobs lost � and that, more than underwater mortgages, is driving the current mortgage delinquencies.

Now that summer is here, the foreclosure crisis is showing growth in another area � uncared for lawns and gardens.

In the southern Chicago suburb of Oak Forest, resident Len Zabawa keeps his lawn neatly trimmed. But the yard next door � which belongs to a foreclosure that�s been empty for over a year � has become an overgrown eyesore.

�The yard is starting to look like a jungle,� Mr. Zabawa commented, according to a story in �The Chicago Tribune.� �I think it�s impossible to run a lawn mower over it now. It�s a real shame that nobody takes care of it.�

In the Springfield, Missouri area, similar complaints echo in high foreclosure areas. The Springfield News-Leader talked to Don Duncan, the city of Ozark�s code enforcement officer. Duncan said that high grass on vacant or foreclosed property turned into a big issue last year for the city. On average, he gets 20 phone calls a week from residents complaining about grass that has grown past the 10-inch limit.

�Our problem is, there�s a lot of people who have been foreclosed on and before the bank takes (a property) over, there�s a long period of time,� Duncan told the newspaper. �Trying to find somebody to take responsibility is what�s been really tough.�

Gainesville, Florida? Yet another problem spot for the rampant overgrowth of tall grass. Planning Director Rusty Ligon says that weeds and grass are growing out of control on some empty properties. And he faces the same problem that other cities all across America have � finding the responsible party for foreclosed homes that are in limbo post by haiyan902.

Once a property preservation company has been hired to perform a foreclosure trash out, they usually have the added responsibility of regularly mowing the lawn and maintaining the home to the local housing codes. This enables the home to keep up appearances and prevents the appearance of a whole neighborhood falling into disrepair.

As many banks and asset managers are holding back or �slow on the draw� to process foreclosures, no owner of record is registered on many of the homes that have overgrown grass, as well as many other serious problems resulting from long-term property vacancies.

But blaming the banks is far from the whole answer � the unprecedented flood of foreclosures has left them overwhelmed Louis Vuitton handbags. �Overall the banks seem to be cooperative,� said Romeoville, Illinois Mayor John Noak. �The problem is sometimes banks don�t even know what they own.� What is clear is the also-unprecedented need for more property preservation companies in the coming months.<