Free Software for Newbies and Web Developers

06-09-2013 10:26

Free Software for Newbies and Web Developers Here is some free software tools to help you build your own websites and create web products.Learning new skills is not difficult. It just takes a bit of willingness to give it a go. You will feel great satisfaction knowing that you can do this stuff.Zip UtilityHTML EditorFTP SoftwareScreen Shot SoftwareZip UtilityYou just gotta have a zip utility if you intend to spend time on the Internet. I use Winzip for all my zipping and unzipping needs. It is fast and easy to use. If you would like to check out other zip utilities, go to and do a search.HTML EditorTo build web pages and eBooks, you'll need some kind of HTML editor. I use 1st Page 2000 for all my HTML editing. It is 100% Free for ever with all features working. This page and web site is being built with this editor.After the editor is installed, you'll need some web pages to study. Search Google with the key words "free web page template". Don't worry, I just did it post by haiyan902. Here is the search results.Quick Lesson:All I did to begin learning was to simply open up these templates and study the code from within the editor and try to relate it to what I could see on the actual web page. For example, here is a shot of code from within the HTML editor:This is a screenshot of some code from this web page. Study the code and relate it to what you see on this page. The red and blue codes are commands which create a hyperlink and cause the link to open in a new browser window.Take it easy. Learn one command at a time Louis Vuitton Canada. It won't be long before you get some web pages happening.When you are ready to learn some more commands, go to HTML Goodies for a good range of Free tutorials.FTP SoftwareTo transfer your web site to the Internet, you'll need an FTP program. Go to to find several Free FTP programs available for download. I like WS_FTP because it is fast to learn and easy to use Louis Vuitton. Another popular program is CuteFTP.Screen Shot SoftwareTo capture images from your computer screen, you'll need a program that will cut the image quickly and easily. I use a freeware program called SRip32. No installation is required and it is very user friendly.You can also do a search at Google for even more free screen capture software programs.<