Function And Form - What Kind Of Printer Do I Need- by Canon Australia

24-08-2013 09:14

Function And Form - What Kind Of Printer Do I Need? by Canon Australia
Despite the wide adaptation of digital technology and communications, businesses and individuals still rely to some degree on the printed word. Whether you're looking to print driving directions, presentations or brilliant photographs, there are a number of different printers and machines out there to meet your needs.

Canon has a great range of quality printers for home and office use. Consider these exclusive ranges - what kind of printer is right for you?

- PIXMA - these are all in one machines that have been designed to be affordable, compact and stylish - perfect for your home office or study. They boast high quality colour making them perfect for printing colour documents and even photos.

- Selphy - these exclusive photo printing machines are fun and easy to use. You can print lab quality photos at home so you can easily share them with friends and family.

- LaserShot - available in black and white or colour models, Canon's LaserShot laser printers are fast and affordable options for the home or office. If you think you'll be printing often, LaserShot printers are quick and reliable when it comes to big print jobs.

- imageClass - these are advanced multi-function units that let you have a printer, fax machine and scanner all in one machine Louis Vuitton bags. With advanced printing features and functions, they're perfect for handling day-to-day faxing and scanning jobs at home or at the office.

Choosing the right machine will depend on what and how often you print. Consider these questions:

- What do I want my machine to do? - will you be using it exclusively for printing or will you be scanning and faxing as well Louis Vuitton handbags?

- What do I want my machine to print? - are you printing documents or are you making prints of your family photos?

- How much printing will I do? - if you're writing the next great Australian novel, you'll be looking for a machine that prints en masse and quickly - high output speed is a must.

- What other functions can I have post by haiyan902? - are you interested in double sided printing? There are also a number of machines that let you print more than just photos - you can create calendars, add borders or make stylised prints - unleash your creative side.

Find out more about Canon's extensive range of printers for personal, business and professional use, including large format printers, production printing and specialist equipment.<,%20The%20Brother%20HL%206050DN%20Toner%20Cartridge%20Louis%20Vuitton%20by%20Ben%20Pate.html