Having a Reward Chart by Justina Wang

15-01-2014 14:54

Having a Reward Chart by Justina Wang
A highly recommended way to positive parenting method is to implement a Reward Chart (view example at author's website) for your child. It can be also known as A Good Girl or Good Boy Chart.

You may start this reward system as early as 2.5 years old or when a child can understand about expected positive behavior from him or her and get excited about 'reward'.

Here is how it works:

On the top row, tabulate four or five desired behavior from your child against the days of the week (at the first column). Some examples of desired behavior are like No Whining, Self-Feeding, Eating Greens, Self-Dress Up, Learn to Read and so on post by haiyan902. Create empty rows and columns to put up stickers or stars. You may want to get your his or her favorite cartoon stickers or something that motivates him or her to achieve the reward0! Give the reward chart a name for e.g. Jasmine April Good Girl Chart. This chart may use up to a month.

Explain to your child about how the reward chart work. Every night before bedtime, review the behavior during the whole day and provide him or her the reward stickers you think he or she deserves. Always explain why you do or do not reward for a particular field Louis Vuitton bags. This is where parenting comes in.

You may remind your child during the day about her behavior and relation to the reward chart to encourage positive behavior.

You should place this chart at her bedroom wall whereby it is obvious and reminds both of your about the ongoing campaign.

Recommendation Beyond this Excitement:

1. This recommendation is optional whereby at the end of the month you can grant extra reward if your child achieves x number of stickers. It can something like a balloon or some color pencils.

2. Have a theme that your child will be excited about for e.g. Fairy Tale for May and Barney theme for June.

Note: See an example of a Reward chart at Author's website.<