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27-12-2013 14:52

Home Business: Direct Sales or Online Businesses by Jeff Schuman
If you are going to start a home business you will face many choices. A couple that come to mind are direct sales and starting an online business post by haiyan902. Which one is better?

1. Direct sales businesses that immediately come to mind are Avon and Tupperware. With one you were going door to door. With the other you were working what was known as a party plan.

You can still build a direct sales business in person, but you do not have too. Now you can use the Internet and let it help you sell products.

The same thing is true for the MLM business model. Today it's more commonly referred to as a network marketing and many people build worldwide businesses without selling products directly or holding meetings face to face.

In many ways these direct sales business opportunities have become online businesses. However the element of personal contact is still very strong in direct sales businesses.

The big difference is you can use online tools such as Skype to communicate all around the world Louis Vuitton outlet. This includes free telephone service and video telephone.

There certainly is a tremendous amount of opportunities in the direct sales business arena. When considering taking on an opportunity like this you should find something that appeals to you.

You might even consider selling products that you personally purchase. If you are a big believer in the product it will help you build a more successful business.

2. Starting an Internet business can take you in many different directions. As a matter of fact the many ways to make money online today with your own business is only limited by the amount of time you want to put into it.

Many people create multiple streams of income using the Internet. It's not unusual to hear of people having over 100 websites. There are even ambitious Internet marketers who have over 1000 websites and earn seven figure incomes.

Some of the more common business models for Internet businesses include affiliate marketing, email marketing, network marketing, and get paid to programs. Many people build very large Internet businesses and never interact with their customers personally.

This is one of the drawing cards to starting an Internet business. You literally can automate the whole process so it becomes totally hands off if you do it correctly.

Whether you want to make $200 a month on a part-time basis, or enough money every month to quit your job, the opportunities are there. Again it becomes a personal choice.

Ultimately you must decide when you start a home business of your own how you're going to do it. Whether you choose to go the direct sales route, or build a totally automated online business you will need some skills and hard work to get your business off the ground.<