Is Calling Your Prospects A Chore Louis Vuitton handbags

17-01-2014 15:59

Is Calling Your Prospects A Chore Do you constantly find something else to do besides calling your prospects or spend endless time preparing to make your calls? If this sounds familiar, read on and youll find out how to not only do effective prospecting, but also how to enjoy it. Youll be having fun talking to prospects -- and you wont believe the results of your efforts!The number one secret to success in calling your prospects is making the call about them, and never, never, never about you! Ask them a series of can opener questions that keeps the focus on them. Examples of questions to ask them may include:Tell me about yourself.What are your goals and aspirations?Why are you interested in this particular business or product?Is your spouse involved in your decision?What kind of money would you like to make?Keeping the focus on them puts everyone at ease (and takes the strain off you). Your prospect wont feel pressured and will begin to open up. Everyone has a story. Listen to theirs and youll be surprised at how much information you can gather post by haiyan902. Then use this knowledge to qualify, sort, and later close them! The next secret is to concentrate on making some sort of connection. Find a common denominator. Do they have children? If yes, talk about yours as well. What are they doing for work now and do they like it? Then find another connecting point. Get inside their line of defense and your job is 75% done! Theyll sense and know that you have an interest in them and begin to trust you. Again, use this information to sort, qualify and later close them.Third, make sure they realize that you are there to assist them and be of serviceevery step of the way. People can sense very quickly when you are just using them for your own gain. You may have some success with a hit and run approach but you may hit a dead end yourself. Fourth, help them regard the business opportunity or product youre presenting as the vehicle that will make their vision a reality Louis Vuitton handbags. Never forget that you have something they need. If they are to attain the level of financial success they are looking for, theyll need you on their team. Dont push or pressure. If youve done everything right to this point, theyll want to come to you. The last secret to prospecting success is choosing a product or business opportunity that you believe in. If you dont truly believe in what you are doing, how can you expect your prospects to? They will instantly sense your reservations and lack of confidence. The result will manifest itself into no sales. Rememberits all about connecting with people. As many approaches as there are to sales and prospecting, people are still individuals. If you believe you are helping people and providing them with a service, they in turn will also believe. The result is that you wont need to sell and the phone will become as light as a feather!Copyright 2005 Glen Snethun<