JavaFit Review -- Is it really As Good As It Looks by Chris Gustafson

30-12-2013 15:30

JavaFit Review -- Is it really As Good As It Looks by Chris Gustafson
I appreciate that you are taking time to read this article. I hope you will find it both interesting and informative! However, before we start I want to make two things clear. 1st, I am NOT currently a JavaFit distributor, although I have been in the past post by haiyan902. 2nd, I do not intend to steer you in this article in any particular direction. My only goal is to inform you about JavaFit and let you make the decision on your own. Now that we have that out of the way, let get's on with it!

JavaFit like any other MLM company out there should be evaluated on three things. The company history, the products, and most importantly the compensation plan. Without further ado, here is a unbiased JavaFit review:


JavaFit was founded in 2003 by a couple of friends who were looking for a way to stay fit and lose weight without massive changes to there daily life. They went to work and started developing a "healthy coffee". JavaFit has many different blends of "functional" coffees.

In 2007 is when JavaFit started up the direct sales/mlm distribution channel although they have been around since 2003. So, your main advantage is that you have the stability of a 7 year company with the "ground floor" opportunity of a start-up.


As mentioned in the previous section, JavaFit makes "functional gourmet" coffees. There are 4 main blends of coffee and those are:

* Diet Plus: This coffee will help you lose weight over time when you drink it consistently in the morning.

* Energy Plus: The name says it all. This coffee will give you an EXTREME burst of energy. Take it from me; do NOT drink this coffee in the afternoon.

* Focus Plus: This blend of coffee has multivitamins in it and will help you focus on your daily tasks.

* Immune Plus: This blend of coffee will provide your system with the nutrients it needs to give your immune system a boost. Great for the cold winter months.

There you have it, four entirely functional blends of coffee. The downside to the JavaFit coffees is the cost. The cost is 40$ for a case of any of these types of coffee. A case includes 24 individual packs of coffee that each make one pot. So, like many products in the MLM arena it is over-priced and hard to get people on autoship who are not distributors.

Compensation Plan:

JavaFit has a no-breakaway, unlimited level, binary compensation plan. The end game is that eventually you will have a gigantic residual check. They also incorporate "fast start" and "leadership" bonuses to help you make money right away.

The downside is that the monthly auto-ship for a distributor is 80$ which is two cases of coffee. So, unless the distributor drinks 2 pots of coffee daily they cannot possibly use all of coffee themselves. The end result of this is that distributors end up with a bunch of product at there house that they cannot use. Of course, when that happens it makes it difficult to build a residual income.

There you have it, an unbiased JavaFit review. As you can see with JavaFit there is a LOT of positives but also some negatives Louis Vuitton handbags. However, if you are looking for a MLM company to join, JavaFit is one of the better ones.<