Prosperity Automated System- S.E.C. Orders Cease and Desist...the fall-out Louis Vuitton Canada by Heather Wolf

04-01-2014 12:09

Prosperity Automated System: S.E.C. Orders Cease and Desist...the fall-out by Heather Wolf
Since this mighty "millionaire making system" has run into a mighty bit of difficulty with the Securities and Exchange Commission which filed an injunction last month against William M. Osterhout and his Prosperity Network, Inc., d.b post by haiyan902.a. Prosperity Automated System (PAS), the numerous PAS web sites have been scrambling to create new loopholes and get their new-improved versions of PAS on-line. The S.E.C. claims that PAS is a "fraudulent pyramid scheme"... the charges go on and on for twenty pages. They claim there are at least 25,000 PAS web sites owned either by PNI or its PAS investors. No wonder these web sites pop up in profusion when you are searching for ways to make money on the internet. The more internet marketing-savvy PAS "investors" who have spent the most money marketing their sites have earned quite a respectable on-line presence making them hard to avoid.

Take note of that!

PAS claims (claimed) to be a 100% Fully Automated System that simply generates vast amounts of cash while you lay on the beach in the Caribbean or whatever view of the ocean you prefer. The real truth is NO ONE makes money with PAS or systems like them, without spending a lot of extra time and cash on advertising, not only through the infamous Google machine, but I'm talking about USA Today, the business section of your local newspaper, bulk mailing lists who claim NOT to be SPAM (but are definitely not the preferred opt-in emails), and some even purchased radio spots. With a buy in at the $3,895 level (at which 80% buy in), and the $195 per month suggested adpaks, you're up at around $6,400 investment in something that won't fly unless you also creatively market (time and $$$) your web site like you would have to do with any real business.

I researched this system myself several months back. I read and re-read the web sites, observed how others were setting up their PAS pages and I decided to ask lots of questions because I did not want to part with my 4-grand without a really good sense that I could work the system so that the system would work for me. With just a little bit of research, I uncovered all I needed to know. Here are just a few of the questions I was asking

What am I actually promoting? and What are these other products you say I can sell with my PAS system?

The "Team Leader" who is supposed to close the deal for the PAS investor, told me not to mess with the other products because the point is to sell the system. Why would you divert your viewer to side-products that sell for $49 and $199, when you really want them to buy into the system at the $1,895 or $3,895 level? He told me that I should just set up my PAS web site to sell the system and not get off-track with the side products because that is not really what PAS is all about. You will note that one of PNI's key defenses is that their automated system is made to sell other products. However, their own specially trained team leader told me otherwise

So, what am I selling? (translation: Huh???)

"You are selling the automated system - the automated system is the product".

So ultimately, my systems sells you your system, sells him his system and your system sells their system and so on... Talk about a down-line! The S.E.C. charges that, eventually, the down-line dissipates, making this a pyramid scheme, leaving many late-coming investors in the dust.

Any wary person who has done their due diligence in researching knows that with any pyramid-like system, you get in early to reap the cash benefits before it falls. When it falls, it simply means the loopholes have been uncovered by the S.E.C. PAS is an MLM that claims not to be an MLM because they offer a list of products you can sell through your automated system... but we already know what the actual team leaders think of those products... they are simply a diversion to the real purpose of PAS - which is the "system itself".

And I don't have to do any selling to actual customers?

"The team leaders do all the selling and all you have to do is collect your money."

This is after you've researched, developed and paid the bucks for an advertising program that works for you. This takes time and effort. Plus, the person who gave me the most real information was the very persistent gentleman whose web site pulled me in. He was definitely working to close me as well. In fact, he told me that PNI's adpaks were a waste of money. Originally they were required, but when I questioned further he said the adpacks were "suggested". He offered me the inside scoop on all of his marketing efforts once I signed on/wired my $3,895 to him.

This gentleman was definitely working his prospects... not sipping his favorite cocktail while gazing at his favorite ocean-view.

Do your homework!

It is possible to find a viable on-line business that doesn't dupe the uneducated and gives you all you need to know to work a viable business opportunity.

After the dust has settled on this legal action against PNI, beware of the PAS Uber-Promoters, the Mega Wealth Corporation. They are presently "ramping up for the new-improved version" claiming to be creating "massive resources of marketing wisdom". Their new name will be Prosperity International and they will be creating the same type of powerful money making machine that was used to make PAS" This, from a PAS investor's web site that states that "the PAS system is temporarily off-line to allow for some re-structuring" Basically, they'll create more loopholes, offer a "real product" and they'll promise you vast riches if you join them but buy in soon, before the S.E.C. closes them down.

Beware of these pay-line/down-line automated systems. They are popping up everywhere. Another system to exercise caution is being sold under the name of "Predator". Do your research before investing your hard earned cash into these systems. Be willing to see them for what they really are, namely, veiled MLMs which claim not to be

Too many have been burned by the fall of the Prosperity Automated Network and systems like these. Just think of the guy who wired his 4-grand the day before the injunction that froze all activity!

You can find an internet business that really works. Louis Vuitton Canada.. and work it, so that it works for you!

"Be informed Be very informed!!!"<