Tips For Leaf Shedding Operation Louis Vuitton Black Friday by Max Sheppard

22-11-2013 11:13

Tips For Leaf Shedding Operation by Max Sheppard
What to do with all the leaves, is the most nagging question for homeowners at the end of the fall. If you simply leave them on your lawn, they can cause die back over the winter. For a heavily wooded lot, raking is going to be too grueling and time consuming a task for most homeowners. Composting can be an option, but may take up too much space in a small yard.

Most municipalities ban burning, and require leaves for hauling to be bagged in the large lawn refuse paper bags. This can very time consuming.

Leaf shredding is a great option and can help you save money on mulch in the spring Louis Vuitton Thanksgiving Day. Shredded leaves will break down into mulch faster than whole leaves and are less likely to blow back around the yard, causing a new mess.

Tip 1 - Using the Lawnmower

Using a lawnmower to chop up the leaves is an inexpensive solution, because then you are using equipment you already have. Replace the blade with a mulching blade if it's available for your mower. Spread the leaves out over the grass and then go over it with the mower. The mixture of green clippings and brown leaves work together to break down into mulch faster. If the leaves are not too thick, they will dissolve into the turf on their own. This will reduce the need for commercial fertilizers. Try to do this at least once a week during the leaf falling period.

The grass clippings and ground leaves can be bagged and then spread around the garden. You simply add a new layer of commercial mulch to the leaf mulch in the Spring if you want a more finished look to your gardens. The bagged bounty can also be added to low lying areas of your yard to build the soil over the winter and next spring.

For the ambitious lawn owner, the bagged clippings and leaf mulch can be used to level out low spots in the lawn. In the Spring you can add a light layer of soil to those spots then plant grass seed, covered by the compost produced over the Winter.

Tip 2 - Getting Serious about Leaf Grinding Equipment

If the lawn mower is not enough machine to shred all the leaves on your property, then you may have to consider purchasing dedicated machines for the job. A combination of a good leaf blower and small leaf shredder might handle the job. This will work out if you are able to blow all the leaves to one corner of the yard where they can then be shredded and then be distributed to the mulch pile and other needed areas of the yard.

If the yard has a lot of obstructions, then a leaf vacuum should be considered. This dedicated piece of equipment has a larger bag than a lawnmower and is more suited for the task. The collected leaf matter can then be spread to where ever needed.

Tip 4 - Be Careful about the Use of the Leaf Vacuum

As with any power equipment, be sure to read the manual carefully before operating the leaf vacuum. Find out how big of a twig the leaf vacuum can handle. Before operating, make sure you clear the lawn of branches, larger twigs and anything else which can get jammed in the blades. Be sure to have your equipment professionally maintained unless you are well versed in small engine and equipment repair Louis Vuitton Black Friday.

Tip 5 - Taking it a Step Further

If you constantly have a lot of big twigs and branches accumulate on your lawn every year with no convenient place to toss them, then you should consider getting a home chipper in addition to the leaf vacuum. Go to a good lawn equipment or home store to find the help needed to make the right decision on a chipper and other equipment for your unique situation.

Tip 6 - Hire a Professional

Even with the right equipment, leaf shredding can be a big job. The equipment can be expensive, so think about how much dedication you want to give this DIY project over the years before investing in the equipment. You might want to weigh the above against hiring a professional.
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