Traffic Exchanges Versus an Exchange of Ideas Louis Vuitton

13-12-2013 15:49

Traffic Exchanges Versus an Exchange of Ideas It's true, no matter what you promote on the net, the old saying that 'bigger is better' still applies. NetHits' team of editors have spent the last year autosurfing, clicking, reading emails, and trying out the latest seo tools to see what actually works and what doesn't. If you want the truth, most programs out there are simply boosting your Alexa Traffic Rating, which in the great scheme of things isn't such a bad thing. But filling your site with every referral link to the latest autosurf, startpage or manual click exchanges out there, means that overall you are simply pouring traffic towards your upline, basically the exchange owners and their friends. You are letting strangers help themselves to your potential Google PR Rating.Safety Check :-You can check the number of members. For example a snazzy new textlink exchange site might say it has a few thousand members, but remember that scripts are simple to ammend, so you could be surfing all by yourself. To be exact, no matter if you're clicking or not, if a site 'says' it has 60 members or 6000 members, a vast majority may have been fictitiously added by the program's administrator. He/She might explain 'sure, we need to beef up the numbers to attract more signups', but if they are lying about their membership, they could just as easily use a IP Fake Hits script to boost your site's web counter Louis Vuitton. The security check, if you use a decent stats service, check your visitors' ip addresses, nearly all the same? Then you've been conned! Best thing to do is install the Google Toolbar - and check the PR (a green bar on the toolbar) for every exchange you consider joining. If they're popular on the search engines, it may just be worth a spin. Especially if they give you a few hundred credits (visitors) for a free sign up. But if they offer a million free hits then don't bother, really, don't.If you can't beat 'em join 'em? Sure, buy the original php script and install it on your own website, now you own the source! Not quite, you'll find that 95% of the traffic exchanges out there seem to do the same thing, they manage to signup the same few hundred 'diehards' of web promotion, all there for the free credits by the way. Then silence, the site almost dries up, perhaps in a year if you're lucky you have a few hundred more inactive members, but without incentives and the promise of exposure that the massive traffic providers can deliver, such as Traffic Swarm or No More Hits, you are forced to offer cash payouts. This leads you into a scary pyramid scheme area of the internet and besides the karma, if you fail to deliver this time you could have a group lawsuit on your hands.So let's step back, so far we know that just about anyone using an automatic traffic script will cheat you if they can, those that don't maybe a far sight friendlier, but in practical terms are just about useless for building your website's popularity or driving real paying targeted visitors to your website. So let's put things in perspective. Apart from the major players in the traffic exchange market, most are simply boosting your Alexa Rating. Fair enough. First thing you do is add Alexa's Traffic Rating Button on your website, you will need to signup with to use this. Although it's a free and fast process so it's worth it. Now add their code to your homepage. In the top third of your homepage, try to include a signup or login box so you can draw people to your opt-in list. If your site is slow loading, then create a new 'splash page' - make sure it's simple and fast loading, although if your traffic exchanges have page views under 15 seconds, don't bother using them! Now the best use of manual surf exchanges is to promote reciprocal link exchanges and/or opt-in list marketing. You have to offer something valuable for free in return for their email address or they won't bother. Remember all traffic exchange users have just about seen it all before!For the more patient amongst you try focusing on Link building and search engine optimisation, which so far are the only real proven methods for generating longterm quality traffic out there. NetHits-net offer a PR5 Google Rated Reciprocal Link Exchange for all the quality traffic providers out there. But you'll find plenty more sources at our site for quality link trades, many are free and very goog value. However, experience shows a vast swathe of webmasters don't have the patience for this, otherwise why all the start page exchanges, or safelist programs, or pts exchanges? If everyone on the planet was an expert at seo algorithms and had five years to get a decent amount of high ranking inbound relevant links the world might be a better place. But very few of us can wait, we have lives, we visit the pc, rant and rave, try another promise of 'the Moon on a stick' for $5 a month. Most people on the net make money by breaking promises, in fact they make most of their money in the promise stage of a sale. If someone can get you to buy a year's worth at half the price of monthly installments, more than likely their products are useless. Longterm custom, just as with longterm visitors to your site, need a stability of proven delivery.NetHits--net's raison d'�itre is to offer a viable alternative to the mass of badly written link lists you'll see on most traffic exchanges, perhaps you'll miss them on autosurf exchanges, seeing as no one even looks at them when they're surfing. (Autosurfing? Mozilla Firefox, Multitabbed, Minimize all browsers, sleep, have breakfast, come back with 20k of hits from people doing the same). We will hopefully help you avoid the rabble out there and focus on the gems. Yes we include affiliate links and sponsored links in our directory 'but' we actively encourage members to review them, and visitors to rate them, so we make sure you know which services can really deliver those hits! No matter what form or method of traffic generation you are after, the vox pop nature of Net Hits, means no scamsters are going to get away with creaming off their members' website traffic post by haiyan902.The Final Dawning of Web Promotion - People make traffic, human hits make a far greater impact on your business and life in general. The only compromise we're asking of all the traffic seekers out there is to communicate more with each other on a truly personal level. Every idea of co-operation in the webmaster world has been sidelined for yet another marketing gimmick, impatience on all our parts has led to the automation of just about everything. Perhaps if more traffic hungry online businesses joined forces naturally rather than throught the use of automated scripts, they could make a far greater impression on the net!Some more tips. Try not to use dynamic php reciprocal links exchanges if they can't show true html pages for the search engines. You'll see that html pages remain ranked in the engines, dynamic 'php?' pages don't. Avoid networks of traffic exchanges, if thirty autosurf or click exchanges are running off the same server you know that they are sharing their traffic and repeatedly hitting your website with the ip addresses (which doesn't fool Google!).Your best bet is to fill your site with genuinely informative and original content (as always) - then trade links with every Google PR Rated site you find under your keyword suggestions. If you want to do it quickly and receive over $200 worth of genuine high quality web promotion software, sign up free today at - a Giant Web Traffic Directory of Wonderful Web Promotion Resources

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